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Scientific Article: Challenges in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and the PlasmaRx Opportunity: The answer is Right under our Nose

Bill Delp, CHT President & CEO
Evolution Hyperbaric, Inc.

Scott Rice, MD, PhD, MS Scientific/Medical Director.
Hyperbaric Medicine is a rapidly evolving discipline in health care. It is centereed around the delivery of oxygen (O2) at increased pressure as treatment for a wide range of diseases and medical conditions. This treatment modality, known as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), is utilized alone and in combination with other treatments to which it is conceptually harmonious and complimentary in practice.

It is the position of Evolution Hyperbaric, Inc (EHI) that HBOT is underutilized as both a primary and adjunct treatment in the delivery of Health Care in the United States. Major contributors to this problem are myths and misconception that have developed as a result of insufficient evidence to validate and support much of the use of this treatment modality. The inability of conventional HBOT systems to track and monitor the dose and dosage of oxygen (O2) delivered during treatment is perhaps the single greatest reason for a lack of acceptance, and until this challenge is overcome, it is unlikely that there will be significant scientic advancement in HBOT leading to increased approval by allopathic medicine. 

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Institute of Precision Hyperbaric Medicine Training

Provides the required training to safely and effectively operate the PlasmaRx Monitoring System in conjuction with Monoplace Hyperbaric chambers utilizing controls installed by the manufacturer.

“To Sin is to Miss The Mark”.
 PHBOT does not Miss the Mark;
 HBOT as currently practiced does and in doing so deprives the patient of inspired healing.
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